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Self Assessment

Previous  Tax Year

from  6th of April 2023

to     5th of April 2024


31st of January 2025

Current  Tax Year

from  6th of April 2024

to     5th of April 2025

Do I have to file

Self Assessment?

If you answer Yes to any of the following then you have to file your Tax Return


31st of January 2026

* you received a letter from HMRC letting you know that you have to file Self Assessment

* you did register for Self Assessment

* you are Self Employed and earn more then £1,000

* you received rental income

* you receiving income from saving, investment or dividends

* you receiving foreign income

If you are not sure if you have to file Self Assessment you can answer a few question online on or contact us 

File your Tax Return in 5 easy steps

Provide your details

Two options:

1. Fill in form below

2. Provide us your email and we will send you information what we need to file your self assessment (you will skip the next step)

Fill in questionnaire

You will receive an email with quick questionnaire.

You will be able to upload any necessary documentation (bank statement, invoices, etc.)

Send your ID and proof of address

We need to make sure who you are so you will be able to file your ID and proof of address within questionnaire form.

Accept Calculation

We prepare and email you draft calculation within 3 working days.

We also email you an engagement letter for e-sign.

Once accepted we file tax Return to HMRC.

Once we prepare your draft calculation we email you an invoice.

You can make a payment online or by bank transfer. Bank details are provided on the invoice.

Provide your details

By selecting Submit, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions

**   If you have more then 40 transactions please contact us to provide you a correct price.

*** CGT is charge separately.

Make a payment
File SA in 5 steps
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