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Expenses for Limited Company

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

List of expenses you can put into your accpunts:

1. Director / directors' Salary

2. Employee / Employee Salary

3. National Insurance Contributions

4. Pension Contributions

5. Accountancy services

6. Licenses necessary to operate your business

7. Cleaning services

8. Office supplies, e.g. printer paper, ink, pens, notebooks, etc.

9. Purchase of office equipment, e.g. telephone, printer

10. Water, coffee and tea

11. Office / warehouse / hall rental

12. Utility bills, e.g. electricity, water etc.

13. Mobile Phone bill - For more information on the phone bill, see a separate article here

14. Milage: when traveling on business purpose and using a private car, you can deduct £0.45 for the first 10,000 miles and then £ 0.25 for each additional mile

15. Company car maintenance costs

16. Meal allowance - meals during business trips: over 5 hours - £5, over 10 hours - £10, over 15 hours and nights - £25

17. Goods purchased for sale

18. Uniforms/work clothing

19. all other costs directly related to running a business

If you are not sure what you can count as business expenses please contact us.


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